How To Lose Excess Fat Without Reducing The Calorie Intake

There is no necessity that the calorie intake has to be reduced for losing fat. All that matters is the timing. Certain time, our body has the ability to burn more fat when compared to proteins and carbohydrates. This happens when the levels of glycogen are low and in such times the body is forced to use larger amounts of fat.

Timing can also be taken into account when it comes to exercising and intake of meals. The best exercise has to be decided and performed at the right time for fat loss.

There is a lot difference between weight loss and fat loss. For the people who want to lose fat they must take more care and use various methods to change the composition of their body. On the contrary when there is a need to lose weight, there are chances that the result might turn out to be faulty; and this includes various components such as muscle, water, glycogen and of course body fat.  The main trend is that while trying to lose fat, there are chances that the muscles are lost.

When the muscle gets wasted, there are chances that weight of the water becomes more than the body fat. This is the main reason why there is a change in the metabolism rate. When there is a drop in the metabolism rate, it affects the weight loss process and this is one of the main reasons why there is a gain in the weight.

One of the very famous weight exercises is the weight training. It helps in burning out the carbohydrates. This is the main reason why weights are done before cardio. If cardio is done before weights, the muscle glycogen would get depleted as there are a lot of them stored in the body before the work out starts. Since there is a loss in glycogen, the energy level and the intensity would certainly reduce.

When the weights session is done before hand, there are enough carbohydrates stored and this would help increasing the rate of metabolism. This is the place when the timing actually comes into the picture. When this method is followed, there would be a net loss in the fat content of the body without losing the calories.

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