How to lose weight on oatmeal diet

Attaining weight loss can be helpful by following some easy practisable diet routine. The main thing you should know is about the daily calorie intake you have. You should lessen your calorie intake, but shouldn’t go weak on the amount of protein or other essential nutrients you should have for a healthy body. You can attain weight loss by following a strict diet. This diet should contain the essential nutrients but regulate on what you shouldn’t have. One of the important diet foods is oatmeal.

Oatmeal is prepared from natural whole grain and has many nutritional values. When you want to lose weight it is good to have an oatmeal diet. Oatmeal sure will give the essential proteins and vitamins and also has anti oxidants in them which are a very good necessity for our body. Carbohydrates and iron is another major ingredient in the oatmeal. Oatmeal when combined with fruits and other low fat diet food articles helps you in attaining your weight loss.

Experts have proven that incorporating oatmeal in your daily diet for 30 days will show considerable influence in weight loss. Lets now look what the diet plan with oatmeal should be:

Step one: The first step in an oatmeal diet is to have oatmeal for the first whole week. It is necessary to follow this strict plan if you are to succeed in getting your weight reduced. Half a cup of oatmeal would do for each meal. It should also be noted that oatmeal should be whole grain and not processed or instant. You can have half a cup of fat free milk along with oatmeal diet.

Step two: The second step is maintaining a chart. In it should be noted the daily amount of calorie intake you have. You should have this plan atleast for the next 30 days. When you have a meal, make sure that you don’t take more than 1200 calories per day. You can have three good meals each day, but only with half a cup of oatmeal. After the first week you can also have instant oatmeal, but make sure it doesn’t amount to more 60% fat. During the second week it should be noted that the daily consumption of calories should be in the range of 1000-1300.

Step three: You can also bring in healthy snacks in between the meals. The snacks shouldn’t be any junk food. But it should be half a cup of fruits like oranges, seedless grapes, bananas, apples and blue berries. When selecting fruits and vegetables, make sure you don’t select starchy vegetables and lemon.

Step four: Doing physical exercise atleast 30 minutes a day will also help in the long run. Make sure you also have atleast 8ounce of water a day. In the chart that you have kept, note down what exercises you have been doing and what you are having for food every day.

Step Five: After completing 30 days with three times oatmeal a day, you cal wean out to low fat diet with oatmeal. You can have oatmeal a day and one oatmeal snack also in one day. You can also have slight amount of lean meat and grilled fish. Don’t forget to have enough fruits and vegetables with your diet.

Above mentioned are some ways of having oatmeal to regulate your body weight. By following the oatmeal diet plan, you are sure to lose the body weight.

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