How To Make Body Building More Interesting

Almost everyone knows the benefits of body building and exercise. But very few people really sustain it for a very long period of time, reason being loss of interest or getting stuck in a rut. In the world of fitness we call this a plateau.It’s a moment in time which invariably comes up to us and unfortunately we face it more than once. But you can avoid this by simply being more creative and constantly planning to change in your exercising routine.

1. Rotation in your training schedule:

Plan your workouts in advance, like make a three weeks cycle; body parts to work per day, total days per week to work out, sets and rep counts, exercises to perform.

From this way you can easily experience the variation of exercises performed per body part and days the body part is trained.

This example is only for one exercise per body, you can do it with different exercises for different parts of the body.

2. Being creative in your routine:

Some small but useful tips before and during exercise:
a. Make yourself mentally prepared before you step in the gym. The intensity should start building well before your arrival at the gym. Once inside give yourself 40 minutes to make everything ready: gloves, iPods and water bottle.

b. Don’t forget to drink a protein shake before heading to the gym, and remain hydrated. Take water or a carb protein shake during your workouts. You will feel the increase in your energy level during and before your workouts.

c. Maintaining a good form and balanced posture is very important when lifting the weights. Concentrate your mind on your body parts; feel the muscle work, you will experience the mind and body connection. And you will notice that from day one your workout efficiency is increasing.

d. Try out odd combinations which normally don’t go together on the same day. Take for example shoulders and biceps. Typically they don’t seem to go together on the same day, but that’s what being creative is, right?

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