Is Diet Food The Cause For Obesity In Children

Statistics show that one out of every 3 children in US is over weight and these figures are rising at an alarming rate. In past 30 years the figures have doubled and only fifty years ago very small percentage of the children population had obesity problems. Obesity in children can lead to 2 types of diabetes, heart disease and other serious health problems.

Many blame inactivity to be the sole cause of obesity. Television, video games with excess of junk food has lead to children becoming over weight. There is another reason which can be attributed to children gaining weight. The introduction of diet food like low fat dinner entrees, diet sodas, fat free chips and so on. Though one might wonder how a person can gain weight by eating low fat food, but quarter century age people where eating full fat food, with cream, milk, red meat etc. they never had weight problem. So where are we going wrong? Why are our children obese?

Studies on low calorie diet food have lead to a conclusion that these foods lead to over eating and results in obesity. David Pierce in his paper has said that based on his research that it is better for children to eat healthy balanced diet with right amount of calories and fat rather than introducing them to low calorie diets which make them over eat and gain weight.

The University of Massachusetts has found that there is direct link between children developing heart disease and diabetes when they consume more of diet sodas. Children on diet snack tend to over eat and have a tendency to gain weight.

What is suggested by many research scientist after test on rats, is that the rate of obesity is greater with people eating low diet calorie food and diet sodas that those who are on healthy balanced meal as suggested by Mr. Pierce. Diet food is not a good alternative for growing children. One needs to turn back and practice the old method of eating fruit, dairy products from grass fed animals and whole grain.  Healthy food with more physical activities will ensure that our children grow up healthy without obesity problems and over weight.

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