Kickboxing for Fitness

Kickboxing workout is a high contact sport that employs the use of boxing techniques and well as kicking. One can say that it is a hybrid that falls between boxing and taekwondo.

It has to be noted that kick boxers do show taekwondo movement went trying to knock their opponents with their swirling kicks.

It is essentially used to protect oneself, but many people use it for fitness as well. Practicing kickboxing everyday can get you to lose tons of calories.

To actually play competitive kickboxing you need to be in great shape. It requires a lot of practice with professional kick boxers.

First start off with some practice:

– You must have seen the attire of kick boxers. Most of the time they wear lose clothing like lose shorts. Male contestants do not wear any t-shirt, and most often they have a bare torso. If you are a beginner then use shin guards, padded helmet (like they use in boxing), and a good pair of training shoes. You should use boxing gloves as well.

– Before starting of a training session, always remember to flex your arm and leg muscles just right. You need to stretch them, and warm them up a little bit, otherwise they will still be cold, and might get hurt even more if inflicted with blows. You can do basic stretching like squatting on the floor, with your legs outstretched, and trying to touch your toes with your hands.

– Don’t go wham wham initially. Try to focus on technique rather then power and speed. Perfect your boxing and kicking movements. Do a slow run of these movements followed by a slightly faster one. You need to feed accurate kicking and boxing movements into your subconscious before trying to get them to speed-up.

– Instead of starting of with a training partner, practice on the punching bag. The punching bag is a great piece of training equipment, that lets you analyze your power, and also slowly build it up.

– You need to do a lot of skipping to build your stamina as well as a lot of boxing and kicking can drain out your energy.

– After some weeks, you can get a trainer to train you in mock fights.

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