Laxatives And Weight Loss

If you are using or thinking of using laxatives for weight loss then I suggest you look elsewhere. You won’t ever lose fat with laxatives but you will lose waste products and water.

Laxative overuse and abuse is now a common method used for weight loss. Not only will you not lose weight but you will also be harming your body in your efforts to produce fast weight loss.
There is never a good reason to take laxatives for weight loss. If you aren’t eating enough your laxative use will become even more painful as you won’t have eaten enough calaries for waste products to move through your intestines at any rate.

Unfortunately another side effect of laxative use is that as your body is releasing a lot of water your body will then think that it needs to retain more water. As a result, your laxative use has caused you to carry more water than before.

Side Effects Of Laxatives

Weight loss is guaranteed by overdosing on laxatives, but the major thing that must be seen is the side effects that it causes, which is that it causes permanent damage to the GI Tract and it also causes the weakening and softening of the bones, and this is known as osteomalacia.  Drinker’s tea has the most popularity since it tastes good and is less expensive than the rest of the medicines available in the market.  People who are suffering from the eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia nervosa are the ones who use to achieve rapid weight loss and they use it because it works fast and produces watery stools that are loose in consistency.

Laxatives have been known to be abused by bulimics. Bulimic nervosa commonly referred to as bulimia is a psychological disorder which expresses itself as an eating disorder. Patients are involved in a recurrent cycle of excessive eating (binging) followed by intentional purging or removal of food to avoid weight gain. The purge episode supposedly compensates for the binging episodes. Purging involves, vomiting, excessive fasting or excessive exercising as well as use of laxatives to encourage bowel movement.

Using laxatives to lose weight is dependent on the unscientific theory that after eating like a horse you can use the laxatives to rush food through the intestines and reduce calorie absorption. This aside of being false is outrageous.

The laxatives cannot help you to get rid of your fat or of your weight. All calories taken by the food are absorbed by the body and the aim of the laxatives is to stimulate the bowel to empty and also in order to throw out from the body all unnecessary toxics taken with the food. When the calories are taken, they are stored in the body for further use and this means additional weight. This also can mean a lack of fluids.

You can easily guess that you should never use the laxatives for weight loss and everything that they can do is to harm your body with a lot of bad side effects.

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