Leptin Diet: Treat Leptin Resistance, Cure Overeating

Obesity could develop from hormonal imbalance. Low levels of hormones that regulate the metabolism process of the body could accelerate weight gain by bringing down the normal metabolism rate of the body.Leptin is one such hormone linked to fat build-up. Adipocytes or the fat cells of the body secrete this hormone. As the fat content in the body rises, leptin is released in the bloodstream. This hormone directly communicates with the brain. When the leptin level rises in the blood, the brain realizes that the body has eaten enough food, and it is time to stop eating.

Leptin is effective in suppressing appetite. It could prevent weight gain by arresting food craving and overeating.

Leptin resistance and obesity

Obesity can develop from leptin resistance. Poor dietary habits are blamed for this hormonal disorder. If your body develops leptin resistance, it will fail to respond to signals emitted by the leptin hormone. Despite high level of leptin in the blood, enough leptin could not reach your brain. Overeating, sedentary lifestyle, stress and snacking between meals are believed to cause leptin resistance.

Leptin resistance forces the body to think that it is starving. The metabolism rate slows down, and several health disorders develop. Leptin diet is essential not only for melting the excess fat in the body, but it is also necessary for treating illnesses developing from leptin resistance. Leptin imbalance might cause diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, thyroid disorder, poor cognitive function and infertility.

Leptin diet rules

To prevent leptin resistance and treat obesity, you should not go to bed after having a large meal. Snacking after dinner could cause leptin imbalance. Make sure that there is an 11 hours gap between your dinner and breakfast in the following morning. Unlike most weight loss diet programs that recommend having smaller meals five to six times a day, the creator of leptin diet plan advises dieters to have only three meals throughout the day.

You should start your day with a high protein breakfast. A high protein diet will keep you full for a longer time. Reduce the size of your portions and servings. Large meals could worsen your leptin malfunction. Limit intake of high glycemic index carbohydrates.

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