Liquid diet and its importance

A liquid diet is usually diet in the form of liquids or it might be replacement of full meal with partial fluids. Fluids will be in the form of juices, shakes or teas.  Liquid diet is not a good option for long-term weight loss program. Liquid diet can come in handy after some kind of operations on the body. Doctors prescribe liquid diet for the patient who has undergone bariatric surgery.

One of the main aspects of liquid diet is that it limits the intake of calorie into the body. It is due to the fact that most of the food intake is in the form of liquids only. But it can vary from the kind of liquid food you are having for diet.

There are two types of liquid diet. One is full replacement of food items. The patient or the person will be given fluids only for his diet. This kind of diet will contain shakes or juices and will be administered 3-4 times in a day. Sometimes it can be decided by the patient or at times will be prescribed by the doctor.

Other kind of liquid diet is when the whole diet is partially replaced by fluids. You may be having liquid diet only twice a day and will be having a well balanced nutritious dinner later in the day.

Liquid diet contains fewer amounts of calories. When the calorie intake into your body is less than the energy you burn off, it will result in the shedding of weight. But this kind of weight reduction will not be static. The intake of calories being less every day will result in the slowing down of the metabolism. The slowing of the metabolism is a way to conserve energy. If you are not changing the food habits you are prone to get the lost weight soon before.

Studies have proven that including both food and fluids in the diet can help the overweight people for controlling the calorie intake. Since it can also lead to keep the weight you lost at bay. Some liquid diet can also detoxify our body of the toxins. This will result in a better health. An ideal fluid diet is prescribed to contain the essential nutrients in a balanced manner. Lacking essential nutrients in your diet can lead to fatigue, hair loss, dizziness and heart damage.

Some of the important fluid diet ingredients are the following.  Milk, ice cream, milkshakes, puddings, fruit nectar, with pulp, cooked cereals which include porridge is some of the main fluid diet. Fruit juices, popsicles, coffee, carbonated beverages and water are also accepted for liquid diet.

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