Natural Weight Loss Supplements

Over weight has become a major concern for today’s generation and they want to shed their excess weight. However many of these obese people don’t have sufficient time to do regular exercise and hence they adopt weight loss supplements to reduce their weight.

But many of these supplements contain banned drugs which may cause drastic side effects. Hence it is better to follow natural weight loss supplements which are safe and helps the body to reduce weight in a healthy manner. Here are some of the natural weight loss supplements.

Raw Garlic

The active ingredient in garlic is allicin which is released only when it is crushed. But its properties get destroyed on cooking and hence raw garlic is ideal for weight loss. Garlic can stimulate the brains satiety center with its strong odor and hence will work as appetite depressant.

Allicin can stimulate the nervous system to release hormone called adrenalin which plays a major role in increasing the metabolic rate. Increased metabolic rate means burning of more fat and calories leading to weight loss. Hence include crushed garlic in to soups, salads, marinades etc to enjoy its health benefits.

Cinnamon Tea

Add two teaspoon of powdered cinnamon or two cinnamon sticks to a cup of boiling water. Keep the tea for half an hour and sieve out. Add one tablespoon of honey to this and drink as bed tea in the morning and also before going to bed at night.

The active ingredients in cinnamon increase the body temperature and hence the metabolic rate of the body is increased to counteract the increased body temperature. This in turn helps to burn more calories and fat. Moreover cinnamon reduces the blood sugar level and thus increases the level of insulin in the blood.

This situation leads to the shrinking of fat cells and at the same time honey helps to manage the blood sugar level in a safe manner to avoid sudden crash and high in blood sugar level. Honey also provides better digestion and helps to reduce the bad cholesterol level in the blood. Hence cinnamon tea is an ideal natural weight loss supplement.

Similarly green tea, garcinia cambogia, bitter orange, cayenne pepper etc can also increase the metabolic rate and can burn more calories to speed up the weight loss. Hence include these natural weight loss supplements in the diet to reduce over weight.

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