Ornish Diet For Improving Heart Health

Ornish diet is a heart friendly diet plan that could reverse heart blockage. The success of the diet in treating clogged coronary arteries has been substantiated through clinical studies. This low fat, high fiber vegetarian diet is beneficial for your overall health. Along with a healthy diet, Dean Ornish, the creator of this amazing diet plan, recommends regular calorie burning exercises to keep your body in perfect shape.Ornish diet

Foods that can be eaten in large amounts

To satisfy your hunger you can have fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes and beans. There is no restriction on consuming these foods, which you can consume until you are full.

Foods that can be eaten in moderation

According to the Ornish diet plan, you can consume fat free dairy products in moderations. These include skim milk, egg white, fat free cheese, fat free yogurt and fat free sour cream. You can even include fat and sugar free desserts in your meals.

Foods to avoid

The Ornish diet excludes all types of fatty foods from the meals. Intake of all forms of meat, including chicken and fish are prohibited. You should stay away even from olives, avocados, seeds and nuts. Milk and dairy products containing even small traces of fats should be avoided. Any food item that contains oil, including vegetable oil, such as salad dressings and margarines should not be part of your regular meals. Simple sugars should not be consumed. People following the Ornish diet should even avoid honey, corn syrup, and molasses.

Any food item that contains at least two grams of fat should be eliminated from the diet. Dieters should stay away from alcoholic drinks. In the Ornish diet, not more than 10 percent of daily calorie intake should come from fats.

Benefits of Ornish diet

Dean Ornish suggests that the normal metabolism rate of the body could be preserved by eating often, whenever you are hungry. The high fiber content in the foods recommended in Ornish diet will keep you full longer by slowing down the digestion process. You can easily satisfy your appetite by having small portions of low fat, fiber rich foods. Studies have shown that Ornish diet reverses heart ailments, normalizes blood sugar and blood pressure levels and lowers the risk of cancers.

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