Pantothenic Acid An Important Health Component

Amongst the different vitamins used for health, pantothenic acid is also an important proponent. Its existence was illustrated in 1931 by R. J. Williams in 1933. Its name implies that this vitamin has one of the most universal occurrence in nature. The word pantothenic in greek, signifies the universal presence of the material.

Role of pantothenic acid in metabolism

The vitamin is a very important part of the metabolic processes and forms an important aspect of Coenzyme A, Co-A. The deficiency of this vitamin is not much widespread, especially in case of humans, and the incidence of pantothenic acid deficiency is quiet low. The major deficiency symptoms of the vitamin include irritability and restlessness, fatigue, apathy, malaise. Apart from this, the lack of vitamin can also lead to sleep disturbances, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps etc.

Sources of Pantothenic acid in the diet

There is an appreciable amount of pantothenic acid present in most of the common foods, since the prevalence of pantothenic acid is involved in diverse metabolic functions. It is as a structural component of CoA. The dietary source of pantothenic acid includes, yeast, egg yolk, whole grains like wheat, barley, oat, maize. Apart from this an appreciable quantity can also be found in fresh and cooked vegetables, nuts, fruits, meat, milk, and processed cereals.

Pantothenic acid and body building the closer connection

Although, the vitamin is generally consumed in appropriate quantities in most case, but a lack of uptake may lead to the muscle numbness as well as atrophy. Importantly. an increased exercise also leads to an increased demand for pantothenic acid , therefore it becomes important to take up an appropriate diet or a complete source rich in pantothenic acid to ensure that the process of building up the muscles is appropriately taken care of, apart from exercising.

A few dietary recommendations for pantothenic acid includes, mushrooms, raw oat bran, wheat flour, hashed brown etc.

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