Parkour for Fitness

Parkour is a freestyle movement sport that is of origin. It involves using your body to move from point A to point B in the most efficient way, that takes less time. It’s like you have to reach the hospital two blocks away. You have two options to get there….one is to take your car and head through the streets, and the other is to jump across walls of buildings and reach there in no time. Now, the latter is parkour.

Now this sounds easy, but it is actually an art. Jumping over walls, from one building to another, climbing poles and so on requires an excellent sense of technique and agility.

Parkour is classified as an extreme sport. It involves negotiating obstacles in ones path with innovative movement techniques that is safe and effective. It is almost akin to army or commando training.

How parkour can help you mentally?

Parkour helps you to ‘see-through’ an obstacle, rather than by being blinded by the obstacle. This helps your analyze and simulate in your mind, on how best to negotiate the obstacle. For example, if you have to climb over a wall that is very high to scale, you take the help of a tree close-by. You try to analyze how to climb the tree, and how to negotiate the wall. This obstacle-clearing mentality trickles onto your personal life as well. You start seeing obstacles as a hidden door to a treasure of opportunities.

What you need to do parkour?

– Though it takes a hell lot of time to parkour like a pro, you can always start of with negotiating some basic obstacles like the railings of the stairway of your home, or your chairs, of your gate, of your car.

– You play parkour you need to be at an optimum fitness level, that includes having the right body weight.

– Don’t wear jeans and parkour. Buy clothing that fits well, not too tight, or too lose. Buy climbing shoes that are light and durable.

– You can start of with some rolls. If you can do the summersault, try it, but only after a hell lot of practice. If you don’t know climbing trees, start learning it. Target a tree to climb and try to learn how to climb it everyday.


– Parkour is an extreme sport. It can do wonders to your mental and physical fitness. It is always advisable to get a parkour professional to train you before you parkour.

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