Pilates Exercises

Pilates exercises are exercises which was developed by Mr.Joseph Pilates. Pilates exercise is meant for the balanced development of body. These exercises engage the mind as well the body to improve the posture and create lean and long muscles.

This exercise concentrates more on the core muscles which are the deep internal muscles located in the back and the abdominal region. Once the core muscles are strengthened then they works in tandem with other superficial muscles of the body and supports the spine and the movements of the person.

There are different types of Pilates like Pilates for special body care, Pilates stretches, Pilates posture check, Pilates mat exercises, Pilates fundamental moves etc. It can be done on floor, mat or Pilates exercise equipments. To get best result this exercise has to be done under the strict supervision of a Pilates instructor.

Pilates Principles

Pilates exercises works on six basic principles and they are


The principle behind centering is to focus the center of the body physically. Center of the body is the area between the pubic bone and the lower ribs.


Pilates exercise has to be done with full commitment and concentration in order to get the best results from each and every movement.


Each and every Pilates exercise has to be done with good muscular control.


While doing Pilates exercise there should be a sustained awareness about the placing of each part of the body. The well defined alignment and trajectory of each part of the body must be known to the practitioner through out his movement.


Breathing plays an important role in Pilates exercise and it advocates the maximum use of lungs while doing the exercise. Most of the Pilates exercises are coordinated with breath.


This exercise has to be done in a sequential manner and the energy developed from the exercise must flows throughout the body.  Grace, fluidity, ease etc are the main goals of these exercises.

Pilates exercise can be done by dancers, athletes, women after pregnancy, seniors etc.  It is adaptable to people of any level of fitness and can be tailored to individual needs.

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