Problems due to rapid weight loss

When over weight, people take up any desperate measures to lower the weight. Many of them want to shed their weight so fast that, they retort to using unhealthy diets which are calorie restricted. With this kind of diet they are looking for instant loosing of weight. These diets will surely help in getting thin very fast, but also has the various risks accompanying with them. Problems and detriments will outweigh more than the weight lost.Given below are some of the problems that arise out of rapid weight loss;

Skin becoming loose: When you get thin within a short period of time, your skin doesn’t get enough time to shrink back along with your body.  Obese and overweight persons who last weight rapidly have the problem of loose skin. To avoid this, some of them might even go for surgery. If you are aged it is very hard to get your skin back to your normal type. It is due to the elasticity of the skin. Older skin is not that resilient as young skin.

Vitamin deficiencies: Many overweight persons take up calorie restricted diet to reduce their weight rapidly. This calorie less diet will only hamper your body. When the diet is calorie less it will result in your body being weak, due to deficiency in nutrients and vitamins. When you are not taking calories your vitamin and nutrient intake is very low. You should take up gradual weight loss plan to have a healthy body.

Hair loss is another problem:Rapid weight loss diets are those which have low calorie intake. The low calorie content leads to loss of hair due to the fact that body doesn’t have enough nutrients and vitamins. This deficiency of nutrients and vitamins will cause hair brittle and weaken the follicles of the hair. When the body continues in a vitamin deficient state these weakened hair will fall off.

Muscle loss is also caused by rapid weight loss. It is usually by way of the calorie that the body gets the energy it needs. When there is no calorie for the body to convert into energy, the body will then surely find energy from the muscle mass of the body. Depletion of the muscle will lead you to be weak and lethargic.

Insomnia: The rapid weight loss program will develop insomnia. It is caused by imbalance of electrolyte and hormone. This imbalance is caused by the fact that the body lacks vitamins and nutrients due to less calorie intake. Hunger developing due to less calorie intake can also be a problem.

These are some of the problems that are related with rapid weight loss program. If you are trying to get your weight lost, go for gradual weight loss program.

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