Role of Flexibility In Life and How To Enhance It

Flexibility is not only about being able to touch feet with your hands. It is the ability with which your muscles and joint can be moved, stretched and bent to their maximum range.

Significance of Flexibility

Common issues related to poor flexibility include stiffness of muscles, poor posture, back ache and vulnerability to injuries of joints and muscles.Flexibility is a major part of sex life. It improves ability to achieve orgasm in more positions than just one. Flexibility shreds age from your body by restoring the curves.

Positions to Improve Flexibility

Chest Expansion

Sit down in a cross-legged position. Take your hands behind and clasp them together. Pull your arms away from the back. Exhale and feel the stretch on the back area, especially the upper back.

Inhale and bend your head and upper body forward as you pull the arms farther in a vertical position. Maintain the position for a few moments then raises head and body upwards. Bring hands down and then in front. Repeat 5 to 6 times.

In case of discomfort relax immediately and do not strain the body.

The Bow

Lie down on your chest. Allow chin to touch the ground. Place hands parallel to the body. Bend the legs from the knees. Raise arms to hold the upper part of the feet.

Next, pull the legs upwards by raising legs and upper chest. Maintain for a while then release.

Plough or Hal asana

To attain the final pose in the plough pose you will need to be flexible. But with regular practice the asana can be done with much ease. The position improves flexibility of legs, hips and pelvic region.

Lie down on the mat, place your hands parallel to the body. Keep legs close to each other. Place hands firmly on the floor and slowly raise the legs upwards, together. Bring them at 90 degree to the upper body.

The next is to bend them forward and bring them behind the head. As you lift your bottom, press the floor with your hands to put pressure.

The third step is to bend the legs to touch the floor behind the head. Now, fold the legs and touch the knees to the forehead and then allow the legs to return to the original position.

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