Shoulder Yoga

Many people suffer from frozen shoulder nowadays; it’s a condition in which the patients experience severe pain while moving or lifting the arm in some specific direction.

This is due to inflammation of the tissues around the shoulder and which may arise due to the excessive usage of shoulder.  If the shoulders are not moved properly due to the pain, it may lead to shoulder stiffness and many doctors suggest surgery to get rid of this condition. But the best way is to practice yoga poses which provide flexibility to shoulder joints. Here are some of the yoga poses that helps to relieve the shoulder pain.

Mountain Pose or Parvatasana

Parvatasana plays a major role in reducing the pain in the shoulders and promotes the stretching of the upper body.  To start with sit in padmasana or lotus pose which is a state of sitting straight with spine and head kept erect and legs extended forward with the heels and knees kept together.

Keep the right foot on the left thigh and left foot on the right thigh with the sole of the feet facing upwards.  Overlap the fingers and hold the palms at chest level and then slowly raise the hands upwards along the central and vertical axis of the body and hold them over the head.

Make sure the hands touch the ears and elbows remain straight and the body is stretched from the hip level to the fingers. Breathe deeply and uniformly and hold this position for a minute in the beginning and then slowly increase this period. Then breathe slowly and return to the starting position and relax.

Continue the exercise again and can do this by uncross and then recross the leg position to left foot on right thigh and right foot on left thigh. This pose not only develops the triceps, biceps and brachioradialis of the arms and makes the shoulders flexible but also expands the lung capacity and straightens the spine.

Shoulder Stretches

This yoga exercise helps to relieve the stress and pain on the shoulders and on the upper body. To start this exercise, one should have a long strap and then sit on a rock pose or vajrasana. Hold the strap with both the hands in front of the body and straighten the hands forward. Then slowly inhale and move the hands up till it reaches over the head.

Thereafter exhale and bring the hands down and behind the head as far as possible. While doing this yoga ensure that the hands are straight and if not extend the length of the strap and coordinate the hand movement with the breathing.

The main aim is to draw a large circle with the hands and hence practice to stretch the hands outwards in the direction they are moving. Similarly tadsana, sarvanga-asana etc can be practiced to get a more flexible shoulder.

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