Sonoma Diet

This is a diet intended to reduce the body weight and is based on the principle that weight reduction would not happen by simply avoiding eating foods altogether but, by eating right foods in, right proportion. This diet not only helps to lose weight but also to improve the health.

The diet structure in ‘Sonoma Diet’ is based on the idea of using certain sized plates or bowls and then filling the different divisions of the plate or bowl with different types of food.  A seven inch plate is used for breakfast and a nine inch plate is used for lunch and dinner. Sonoma diet helps to keep a person energized, makes him/her feel better, improves vitality and, protects him/her from harmful diseases.

This diet divides the foods in to two categories and they are food that should be avoided and power foods. Power foods are nutritional foods that remain the backbone of the Sonoma diet and help the person to follow weight loss and health together.

Power foods include almonds, whole grains, strawberries, broccoli, bell pepper, blueberries, grapes, olive oil, spinach, tomatoes etc. Foods high in saturated fat, starch and sugar are restricted from the diet. Sonoma diet consist of three waves or phases,

Wave One

First wave is the most restrictive phase and last up to 10 days. It limits carb foods, sugar, alcohol and starch. Even fruits are not allowed during this wave and if needed use artificial sweeteners or diet soda.

One can include lean protein sources such as seafood, eggs, lean meat, skinless chicken, soy foods and then low fat diary, low starch vegetables, one serving of beans, low carb condiments, small quantity of nuts, olive oil etc.

Breakfast includes either grains and proteins or milk and whole grains cereals in a bowl. Lunch should be with vegetables that fill more than half the plate and the balance part should be of proteins while dinner is with 13 protein, 20% grains and half vegetables.

Wave Two

During this wave fruits are allowed in the form of a glass of wine along with the meal. Quantity of grains can be increased to 3 to 4 servings per day. The major aim here is to include power foods during this wave.

Breakfast should be with power foods while lunch and dinner should include more, fruits and grains. Amount of protein food also gets reduced during this phase. Dinner can be with ¼ plate of protein, grains, fruits and vegetables. This phase last till the person attains his/her targeted weight.

Wave Three

During this period the amount of food intake is increased and the weight is maintained. By this time the pattern of metabolism would have been changed and the body will process carbohydrate foods in a better manner. Hence an occasional out of the way eating may not cause much trouble.

During this phase also the vegetables and fruits servings are to be continued and foods not in the list can also be taken occasionally. Care should be taken to keep hydrogenated fats and refined foods away. Moderate exercise along with Sonoma diet helps to maintain the weight easily.

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