Speed Training

Most of the athletes and sports men practice speed training to increase their speed, to develop fast twitch muscles and to improve the aerobic capacity and thereby to improve their running techniques.

Speed is controlled by nervous system and brain and can be improved by training. With proper coaching one can improve his multi-directional speed, agility, strength, coordination, flexibility and power.

Energy for high speed is supplied by anaerobic pathway and thus energy system is challenged when one reaches a speed of about 95 to 100% of maximum and this speed factor of anaerobic pathway must be so trained that it won’t results in muscle fatigue.

To Develop Speed

The high frequency movements are made possible by the motor units that consist of motor nerve and muscles. Hence the timing and coordination of motor units must be trained at high speeds. In order to have good stride length and frequency the person must have the flexibility, strength, speed, perfected skill development and speed training performed at high velocity.

While running quickly the muscles have to contract quickly and the nervous system and brain must know how to control the movements efficiently. Speed training consist of 5 sets of exercise each having a 10 repetitions.

During the initial stage of the workouts use long recovery intervals and once you becomes faster and stronger reduce the recovery intervals and increase the work intervals and perform the speed training when fresh. Before starting the training carryout 10 minutes warm up exercises and dynamic stretches to improve the flexibility and blood circulation.

Polymetric exercises helps to improve the power of sprinting and for this do jogging and after a while push the left leg and right arm forward and then drive the right leg and left arm forward to continue the jogging. This helps to focus on foot push off and air time.

To improve the speed one should know how to accelerate quickly by powering the legs and arms and for this s/he must learn how to react quickly from varying positions. Hence practice running while doing press up, sitting on the hands, squat jump, lying with face down etc.

For developing coordination and foot speed line keep 10 cones at one meter apart and another 10 cones at 2 meter apart in a straight line. Then start sprinting by making one step in between two cone markers and then slowly decrease the distance between the cones to encourage shorter and faster strides. For recovery walk slowly back to the starting point and then practice again.

In order to develop power endurance and speed run a 100 meters with accelerated speed up to half and then decelerate the speed to a jogging by the time one reaches the finishing point.

Place cones at 3 meter apart in a zigzag manner and start running so as to touch each cone and while doing so care should be taken to make quick side steps rather than turning towards the cone and then run forward. This helps to develop lateral agility.

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