Tips For Female Bodybuilders To Bulk Up Biceps

Women are trying their best to achieve and outshine their male counterparts in all areas of specialisation and body building is no exception.  Many experts are of the opinion that women cannot build bulky muscles and biceps. This is because women lack testosterone as this is a major male hormone.

Testosterone is the main reason for the development of bulky muscles in men.

Female bodybuilders need high protein and high carb diet with supplements and a rigorous weight lifting regime to build muscles, biceps and triceps. Female body builders who want to build bulky biceps have to force biceps growth and this is possible only with training and diet. Women who are undergoing body building regime have to cut down on repetitions in the gym and add more weight to their weight training regime.

Training at home is not advisable as mistakes are possible, and at gym a trainer who is experienced in bodybuilding will be able to give proper guidance. Gym will have all the proper training equipment that offers the necessary benefits for building biceps and triceps, as opposed to just body weight exercises and push ups, as these are considered as toning exercises.

To build triceps and biceps increase the weight as much as you can, but safely. Do two to three types of weight lifting exercises for biceps and triceps and each type should be done with six to eight repetitions.  When the body gets used to this regime you can slowly increase the weight and this will help you achieve the perfect body.

It is not only enough to do weight training but also intake of heavy protein supplements is necessary. Basically women are said to be weaker sex when compared to men. And for a woman body builder, just exercise will not help; protein is an essential ingredient for building muscles. As women lack testosterone, to build natural biceps taking heavy dose of proteins is essential. Using steroids and hormones are harmful to the body. Weight training and protein supplements under proper guidance will help you win the competition for female body builders.

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