Tips to Get Great Abs

Your goal is to lose fat and strengthen your abs. If you want six-pack abs, you have to work for them. It takes dedication to do the work to get six-pack abs. You also need to pay attention to your diet.

Six-pack abs will not look great if you have a layer of fat on top of them. The following exercises concentrate on the abdominal muscle exercises you can do without a machine.

We all know what abdominal crunches are. They are still the number one exercise for your abs. There are a lot of variations in abs crunches. Do not put your hands behind your head that can cause neck problems. You can cross your hands on your chest or leave them straight out and parallel to each other.

Crunches can be done on a balance ball. There are also reverse crunches where you lift your hips back towards the ceiling while pulling in the abdomen muscles tightly. Leg lifts also work for your abs. You lie on the floor with your hands just supporting your head and lift your legs up and down parallel to the group.

There are jack knife sit-ups, in which you raise your trunk and your legs at the same time. Another good exercise is to hold the plank position. The plank position is like a push-up position, but you just hold your body up in a static contraction. The plank can be done in the push-up position or with your elbows holding you up.

Oblique crunches work to get rid of those love handles. There are also a variety of ways to do them.  You can do them on a balance ball as well. The bicycle is a good abs exercise. It is where you take your elbow up to the opposite knee, repeat on the other side, and then do a number of repetitions. This is an excellent oblique muscle toner.

Another exercise you can do with a balance ball is called the ball pass. You lie on your back holding the ball over your head and bring your legs up to grasp it and repeat.

These are all great abs exercises, but you need to watch your diet as well. You will not get the look you desire if you are not eating nutritiously.

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