Tired Legs? Put Them At Ease

By the end of the day the legs become exhausted. Transportation, writing, paramedics and other such professionals which demand excess sitting or standing can leave the lower back, buttocks and legs stressed, accompanied by poor circulation.Practice these easy stress reliving exercises.

Leg Raise

You can either do side leg raise or front leg raise. Leg raising exercises immediately improve blood circulation to the lower parts of the body.

Lie down on your back. Place your hands parallel to the body. Slowly raise the legs together upwards until they become vertical with respect to the rest of the body. Bend the knees. Wrap your hands around the knees, clasp your hands and press the upper legs towards your chest. Count till 10 and release the legs.

For side raise, turn to right side and rest your are on your right palm and rest weight of upper body on the right elbow. Keep the leg straight. Raise the left leg upwards as much as you can comfortably. Repeat 10 to 15 times or more if your stamina allows you.

Take a turn and repeat with right leg.

Leg Clasp

Stand straight. Bend forward and clasp your hands behind the upper thighs. Slip the hands downwards as you bend further towards the knees. The position helps in providing relaxation to the whole body.

Leg Pulls

There are two types of leg pulls- alternative leg pulls and full leg pulls. Sit down on floor and bend right knee inwards such that it touches the inner thigh of the other leg. Place both hands on the legs and bend forward. Hold the stretched position for a while then change leg and repeat.

To do full leg pulls. Extend both legs forward and keep them straight. Place hands on lower legs and bend a forward. As you bend them further place hands on the toes of the feet. Raise the knee upwards such that you rest your forehead on the knees.

Bridge Pose

Lie down on your back and bend your knees. Place your hands near your shoulders, elbow facing upwards. Spread the knees hip-width apart from each other. Raise your buttock and arch your back inwards. Maintain this position for a while, without any discomfort.

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