Total Body Workout

Many people prefer to develop certain parts of the body and works out hard to develop that part of the body like to get flatter abs, tone the chest muscles, reduce lower body weight etc. But it is a fact that body works as a whole and not as parts and hence one should concentrate on total body workout to remain attractive, fit and healthy.

It helps to tighten and tone the entire muscles of the body and balances the body. Before starting the workouts one should follow the warm up exercises to make the blood flow and heart pumps properly.

Warm up Exercise:

These exercises prevents premature fatigue and injuries and the best total body warm up exercises includes press and squat as it uses shoulders, arms, back, abs, chest, glutes and legs.

Total Body Workout

Back Strengthening:

Strong back muscles are essential to protect the back from injuries, to provide proper balancing and good posture. Bent knee plank, back pull down, reverse fly, bent over row are some of the back strengthening exercises.

Bent over row can be practiced by sitting on a gymball on a bent position with the dumbbells in the arms. Then slowly raise the weight by bending the elbows towards the ceiling and squeezing the shoulder blade. Return to the starting point and do repetitions.

Biceps Exercise:

Biceps curls strengthen the arms and for this stand straight with the hands fall naturally on the sides and the palms facing forward and with weights. Maintain the elbows very close to the body and raise the weights and bring them close to the chest by squeezing the biceps muscles and then lower the weight and repeat it for 10 times.

Triceps exercise:

It’s important to do exercises that strengthen triceps and biceps which are the muscles at the back of the upper arm. Start the exercise by keeping the right knee on the chair and lean over and hold the chair with the right hand.

Maintaining the left leg in a slightly bend position, place the left elbow close to the body on the side and then slowly raise the hand keeping the elbow close to the body until it becomes straight and then lower the forearm with the elbow close to the body. Continue the exercise with the other hand and do at least ten repetitions.

Shoulder Exercises:

Shoulder exercises are essential to maintain an attractive figure and strong shoulders helps to lift objects, rotate and extend arms etc. For exercising stand with the feet kept at shoulder width and keep the hands down with dumbbells and the palms facing the thigh. Then slowly lift the hands till it reaches the shoulder height and maintain that position for two seconds and return to the former posture and do twelve repetitions.

Similarly chest exercises, abdominal exercises, lower back exercises, glutes exercises, leg exercises etc must be carried out. Follow all these exercises with total body stretches to avoid cramps and to have an effective total body workout.

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