Total Body Workout

Losing weight means lose of calories and the best way to burn more calories is the total body workouts that involve the use of legs, arms and every muscles group in the body that helps to burn more calories.

Moreover total body workouts tone the entire muscles and increase the fitness level and energy of the person. Workouts for three days in a week are sufficient to burn more calories.

Apart from back strengthening, biceps, triceps and shoulder exercises, chest exercises, core muscles exercises, glutes and leg exercises must be carried out to complete the total body workouts but these exercises should be preceded by warm up exercises.

Chest Exercises

These exercises help to improve the upper body strength and tone up the chest muscles. Push-up on gym ball is an ideal exercise and for this keep both the legs on the gym ball by facing the floor and maintain the body parallel to the floor with the hands kept straight and palms touching the floor. Then bent the elbows and lower the body down towards the floor and then return to the starting position by straightening the hands.

Core Muscles Exercise

Core muscles include the lower back and abdominal muscles that supports the spine and helps the person to walk, sit and stand. Single leg kick can be practiced for this purpose by lying flat on the floor facing the ceiling. Raise one leg towards the ceiling and hold the raised leg at the knee with both the arms by raising the head and shoulder from the floor and pull the leg gently. Take care to keep the other leg on the floor itself and then slowly keep the raised leg down and then switch to the other leg. While doing this keep the lower back pressed to the floor and maintains the abs contracted and relaxes it when both the legs are down.

Glutes Exercises

Glutes are the largest muscle groups of the body and hip extension or lunges can help to strengthen them. Kneel down on the floor and bent forward and support the upper body on the forearms. Now slowly raise the left leg up towards the ceiling as far as possible while keeping the right knee bent on the floor and the forearms resting on the floor. Hold that position for three seconds and then return to the starting point and repeat the exercise with the other leg.

Leg Exercises

Strong and toned leg muscles improves the overall fitness and for this sit on a gym ball with the feet kept flat on the floor and dumbbells kept on top of the thighs. Now slowly lift the heels from the floor while keeping the toes still on the floor and this helps to contract the calf muscles. Then lower the heels down and repeat the exercise for 12 times.

While doing these exercises take a break and do stretch exercises to improve the flexibility and strength of the muscles.

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