Vitamin B6 is Vital For Muscular Fitness

Ever wondered that certain vitamins if missing in minute quantities could be extremely fatal to all the hard work that you go out doing in the gym. Well! vitamin B-complex is a major component of muscular fitness. Amongst various Vitamins of the B-complex family vitamin B6 is an important component. It is also known as pyridoxine, the vitamin is vital to the maintenance of normal physiological functioning in the human beings.

Deficiency and effects on fitness

A lot of symptoms can be observed in case of deficiency of Vitamin B6, these symptoms include a decrease in appetite, an excessive decrease in muscular as well as bodily growth etc. A very important symptom of Vitamin B6 deficiency is loss of muscular fitness, and a lot of weakness and fatigue.

This results in muscle wastage and therefore, the ability to exercise as well as perform athletically is largely compromised. General symptoms of Vitamin B6 deficiency include weakness, sleeplessness, nervous disorders, appetite and growth depression apart from other similar problems.

Metabolism of Vitamin B6

The metabolically active form of Pyridoxine i. e. Vitamin B 6 is, pyridoxal-5?-phosphate (PLP). This is a vital key to amino acid synthesis which in turn facilitates protein formation and therefore, it directly helps in body building processes.

Important health aspects of Vitamin B supplementation

Vitamin B6 supplementation has been found to be useful in number of health complications. In a special nerve disorder which is highly painful in case of diabetics also known as diabetic neuropathy, vitamin B6 supplementation could be useful in ameliorating the pain and reducing the symptoms of painful condition.

Vitamin B6 is also useful in fighting against muscle cramps, fatigue and leg cramps etc. For a proper immune system function and the ability to vent off toxic substances, Vitamin B6 is very essential as it helps in production of serotonin an important immunological component of our body.

Excess of Vitamin B6

As in all aspects of life ‘an excess of everything is always harmful’ similarly if excessive Vitamin B6 is consumed there are chances of facing certain problems, which may include numbness in hand and leg, tiredness, inability to walk properly etc.

Dietary sources of Vitamin B6

A few dietary substances that can be considered as an efficient food source of Vitamin B6 include, green beans, spinach, coriander, bananas, whole grain breads etc.

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