Vitamin C As A Supplement In Bodybuilding

Vitamin C also known as ‘Ascorbic acid’ is considered to be very helpful in reducing the oxidative stress caused by the hard and rigorous training during body building programs. Exercise practitioners, are often observed using vitamin C supplements to reduce the effects caused by oxidative stress resulting from altered muscle and blood glutathione concentrations, increase in protein, DNA, and lipid per-oxidation and cellular degeneration. Although, until most recently the use of Vitamin C in supplement form was considered to be very useful but a few researchers have now raised debate on the usage of Vitamin C as a regular supplement for body building programs.

Vitamin C and exercise efficiency

In a very interesting research conducted by a group of Spanish researchers at the Department of Physiology in University of Valencia, the effects of Vitamin C on exercise, bodybuilding and muscle performances were evaluated. The findings of the research group were quiet interesting, they found that the Vitamin C administration hampered muscle endurance capacity i. e. the ability to withstand the increased pressure, which is the key to building better muscles. Apart from finding out various scientific rationales for the proposed hypothesis, the researchers concluded that Vitamin C hampers the training efficiency, the main reason for this being its ability to modulate the cellular mechanism to adapt to the exercise conditions. In other words, Vitamin C reduces the cellular level ability of the body to adapt itself to the harsh exercising regimen, thus reducing the chances of gaining more muscles.

The matter is quiet debatable because a few other researchers have justified the use of Vitamin C as a strong antioxidant to improve the exercise performance and strength. It is a matter of personal choice and self evaluation for you to take the supplements rich in Vitamin C depending on body needs and personal observations.

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