Vitamins For Back Fitness And Health

Vitamins are vital for health and nutrition of the body. Amongst the different vitamins, the vitamins with a special role in back and spine health are vitamins A, C and D for building and maintaining strong, resilient bone structure. In the same context, vitamin B-complex is responsible for a proper functioning of the nervine connection and spinal cord movements. We would be throwing some light on the vital functions that fat soluble vitamins (A and D) are performing for an appropriate back and spine health.

Role of fat soluble vitamins in back health

Amongst the vitamins A, D, E and K, Vitamins A and D are essential in regulating the use of calcium and phosphorus in the formation, building and maintenance of bones in the body. They are useful and active as catalysts in this all the important phases of body metabolism. Endocrine functions of the parathyroid glands are also regulated by these two Vitamins. There is a marked drop in bone density in people whose diet has been deficient in vitamins A and D over a period of time. Their deficiency is also a major cause of osteoporosis and abnormal joints etc.

Important food sources of Vitamin A and D

Abundantly available sources of vitamin A are colored fruits and vegetables such as carrots, yellow squash, papaya, apricots, peaches, melons and dairy products fertile eggs, liver, fish and cod liver oil are also rich in Vitamin A and D as well.

Sources of vitamin D in nature include fish liver oils, unsaturated fats, fresh fertile eggs, organic milk and butter. Vitamin D can also be synthesized in our body on exposure to sunlight. A mild sunbath could therefore be of tremendous help in fulfilling a lot of requirement of our body. Vitamin D is also termed as non essential vitamin as it can be synthesized by our body.

In general, our spine and back fitness as well as proper maintenance of the functionality of back is dependent on a number of factors including vitamin nutrition. Therefore, always try and fulfil the nutrition requirements of this very important part of your body to lead a healthy, mobile life.

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