Vitamins To Improve Athletic And Sports Performance

We are all aware about the fact that, vitamins constitute a major role in improving our health as well as our physical well being. It is also a well accepted fact that by inappropriate vitamin uptake, or deficiency of certain vitamins there are chances of severe health consequences. In this context an important point that is generally not conceived properly is the fact that with an increased exercising or weight training the demand for vitamins is increased as well.

What is the importance of vitamins in heavy trainers and athletes?

If you are a sports person, or a heavy trainer you can be sure that your metabolic demand for vitamins is going to be appreciably higher than the demand for a normal exercising individual. Since vitamins in your case are controlling the metabolic function, which are important for your athletic performance, hence it is very important that you maintain a diet which is rich in various vitamins.

Vitamins of the B complex are chiefly involved in the consumption as well as utilization of the carbohydrate, fat and proteins. A deficiency of the B complex vitamins can lead to a lot of potential reduction in performance in both aerobic as well as anaerobic form of exercises. Although, an enhancement of performance has not been validated after the consumption of Vitamins from the B complex family, still an optimum level needs to be maintained throughout for an effective athletic performance.

Vitamin C and E which are also known as the antioxidant vitamins are found to be highly beneficial for enhancing the activity as well as revitalization from physical fatigue. Therefore from an athletic or weight training point of view consumption of these Vitamins could be considered as highly beneficial and useful.

Vitamin supplements and sports performance

It is a known fact that a complete nutritive program is very important for any successful athletic intervention, therefore it is very important that a proper mix of Vitamins is ensured by taking diets like citrus fruits, cabbage, lettuces etc. to ensure a surplus and required supply of body building nutrients. Apart from this researchers in Canada have proven that people involved in weight taining or athletics may also need an access amount of Vitamin B6. thiamin and riboflavin apart from the others already mentioned.

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