Ways of Performing Warm Up

Before starting any physical activity or training sessions, one should properly warm up in order to prepare body for physical exercise. Warm up actually raises the body temperature, create tensions in the muscles and makes the joints comparatively active. For showing good performance, player must take the help of warming up.

During warming up, a chemical change starts in the nervous system and you can perform any special work in that period. So, you should not miss work out before starting workout as it is a very important for your body and performance.

Ways of performing warm up


It includes easy running of about 600-1000mts at around half of one’s original speed. Jogging brings the body out of relaxing mode and raise the body temperature.

Simple Exercises

After jogging, for about 6-10 minutes, simple exercises should be done. It is performed by creating movement in the arms, legs, joints of shoulders, ankles, hips, knees, waist, etc. and any jerky movement should be avoided.


It can be done after simple exercises and should be performed at a higher than jogging. Performing speed can be one and half times faster than jogging. In striding, you should raise your knees as high as possible and for about 55-80 meters, you can also take long steps.

Stretching Exercises

These are performed after striding exercises and include stretching of muscles and joints of the body. Forward, sidewards and backward bending should be performed in these exercises. Along with this, rotation of trunk is also included. With the help of these exercises, flexibility increases and injuries are avoided.

Wind Sprints

For about 5-8 minutes, sprinting should be done for a distance of 25-30 meters along with light jerky movements.

Muscles Exercises

Some of the muscle exercises are given below-

Move your neck from right to left and vice-versa while standing in a position of attention.

Keep your hand on the waist and bend to right and left.

Extent your hands in front and rotate them from right to left and left to right.

Bend forward and move the upper body round from right to left and left to right.

Raise your both hands above and bend forward to touch the ground and again stand up. Repeat this 10-15 times.

Jump up the body on the toes. It depends on the personal standard, to which extent the body is lifted.

So, do perform warming up before starting any physical activity for better performance.

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