Weight Loss for Kids

The number of kids who are overweight are increasing nowadays and some of the major reasons for this are unhealthy eating habits, modern life style, lack of physical activities, genetics etc.

Even if the obesity is of genetic in nature, it can be controlled effectively through proper diet and exercise. If your kid is suffering from obesity, it should be addressed otherwise it may lead to health problems such as diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure etc. But it’s hard to keep kids motivated and hence parents themselves need to be a role model for their kids.

One 7 – 10 year old child needs about 2000 calories per day and any extra calorie intake will add to the fat storage in the body and makes the kid overweight. However if the intake of calories gets reduced, then the body fat will be converted in to energy and utilized by the kid’s body to meet its energy needs.

Weight Loss Tips

Introduce healthy eating habits in the kid’s life and allow them to eat three well balanced meals along with two nutritious snacks. Never encourage them to skip meals as it reduces the metabolic rate. Include low calorie foods, fruits, vegetables etc. in the kid’s diet plan.

Also sufficient care should be taken to limit high fat and high calorie foods like cookies, chips etc. Also limit the intake of readymade fruit juices and regular soft drinks and allow them to drink at least six glasses of plain water per day.

Limiting the time kids spend on watching television to two hour per day is also ideal as watching TV won’t utilize much of the calories but instead encourage unhealthy eating habits.

Sample Weight Loss Menu


One egg either fried or scrambled along with a slice of whole wheat toast containing one teaspoon low calorie margarine or butter. One cup 1% skim milk and any one fruit can also be taken along with this.


One sandwich made with chicken salad and bread used can be either pita bread or whole wheat bread.  Chicken salad can be made with three ounce of cooked chicken breast, lettuce, celery and one teaspoon mayonnaise. Any one fruit and one cup fresh carrot pieces along with two teaspoon of non fat dip can also be taken. One glass juice is also allowable.


One cup 1% skim milk, one cup cooked broccoli and two cup salad tossed with low calorie salad dressing can be taken at dinner. Three ounce lean broiled or roasted beef and half cup mushrooms served hot over the beef can also be included.


Light popcorn popped- 2 cups
Chocolate milkshake made with low calorie milk

While following the diet, motivate the kid to follow regular exercise and it can be games like football, badminton, basket ball, cricket etc.

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