Weight Loss Programs

Over weight or obesity is a major issue that lead to many diseases. Nowadays most of the people are aware of various health problems and the risk associated with being over weight.

Moreover people now-a-days like to remain fit and look attractive; for that there are many ways available that help to reduce the excess weight. But the process of weight reduction should be scientific as otherwise it leads to several other health problems.

In this context doctors’ weight loss centres have gained importance as these centres have qualified professionals who will study the patients and recommend customized treatments to them.

During the first visit, the physicians in these centres takes the patient through a thorough check-up that includes body mass index, comprehensive laboratory studies, body composition analysis, electrocardiogram, medical history, current medications, exercise pattern, eating habits etc.

Based on these studies the physician recommends weight loss programs which are implemented in three phases. During the first phase or active weight loss phase the patient has to follow a dietary regimen along with FDA approved medications for weight loss, vitamins and amino acid supplements.

Based on patient’s stamina and interest, exercises are also suggested. This has to be continued till the patient achieves his targeted weight. During this period the patient has to undergo weekly check up to ensure that the treatment is on right track and to ensure that patient is healthy.

Thereafter the physician guides the patient to a transitions phase in which the diet is so adjusted to prepare the patient for a long term weight maintenance phase. The dosage of medications also gets reduced during this phase.

During the third phase or weight loss maintenance phase the patient will be called up for monthly check up. This is to ensure that the patient is comfortable with his present lifestyle and eating habits and is following the weight loss medications, exercises, vitamins and amino acid supplements properly.

If the patient is gaining weight during this phase then the dosage of medications are altered to maintain the weight loss. Even if the patient has problem then the doctors weight loss centres takes the patient to bariatric surgeon who can help them to reduce weight. People can trust weight loss centres to reduce their weight and to remain healthy.

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