Weight Loss Through Yoga Asanas

August 17, 2009

Weight loss through yoga asanas

If you want to remove extra belly or weight from your body then yoga asanas plays an important role in this process. Here, we give you some yoga asanas, which will help you to remove weight from your body.

1. Ardha sarvangasana:

Lie on the ground on your back and use your hands to lift your legs up into air. Put the body weight on your shoulder and upper back. Make sure that your elbows and lower arms rest on the ground. Hold this posture for 5-8 minutes and breathe deeply. Slowly lower your legs under controlled motion and keep them straight.

It is very useful asana to remove weight, increase blood circulation and enhance memory and concentration.

2. Uttanasana:

Stand straight and put your legs together. Start inhaling and raise your hands until it reaches over your head. Exhale, bring your arms forward and bend your hips to touch the floor. Place your hands behind your legs and join them together, and remain in the position for 8 breaths. Bring your hands in the front and twisting your torso upwards. Keep your head down until you are completely straight. Perform this exercise 4-5 times.

Uttanasana not only removes extra weight but also provides flexibility of various body parts and rejuvenate the spinal nerves.

3. Ardha kapotasana:

Sit on the heels with the folded legs. Bring one leg out behind you and place the palms in front of your body and rotate the front leg. Inhale while stretching the body back, so that you are looking up and hold the pose for 30 seconds. Get back to the starting position and perform with other sides also.

It is very useful asana to shed extra weight quickly.

4. Trikonasana:

Stand straight and stretch your legs outwards. Move your left leg outwards and bring your right leg inwards. Inhale and raise your arms until they are parallel to the ground. Exhale and form a V shape body with palms and feet on the ground and the head facing the feet. Put your left foot to the left palm; raise the right palm until straight up. Now, twist the head upwards and keep focusing your eyes on the right hand. Hold this position for 2 minutes while taking deep breaths. Exhale and lower your arms & head and get back to the starting position.

Trikonasana provides strengthen to your neck muscle and remove fat from the waist and thighs region.


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