Workout Plans- Workouts for Weight Loss

Permanent weight loss is not about starvation diets and expensive weight loss machinery. To lose weight the natural way all you need is a proper weight loss diet coupled with workouts for weight loss.

A complete weight loss workout should be a combination of cardiovascular exercises and strength training. While the cardiovascular exercises help to keep your cholesterol levels in check and burn calories, strength training helps in maintaining the lean body mass and shedding those excess body fats.

This allows you not only to shed the kilos but also get the toned “beach body” look that you always yearned for. The total time for the workouts should not exceed 45 minutes.

For complete weight loss you need to adopt at least a three day workout routine. Start with a warm up session that consists of 5 minutes of cardio exercises.

This needs to be done before your resistance workout to redirect blood flow to large muscle groups. Warm up exercises make the muscles more pliant thus cutting down the risk of a potential injury.

The first day should consist of strength training exercises for working the chest, back and the abdomen. This is followed up with light cardiovascular exercises for 30 minutes.

Chest workouts consist of incline dumbbell press, flat bench and machine shoulder press workouts. While the flat bench and the incline dumbbell press workouts should consist of 3 sets each with 15 to 20 repetitions, the machine shoulder press workout consist of 2 sets with 20 repetitions.

The back workouts consist of three sets of lateral pull down and 3 sets of barbell rows. For working the abdominal region a combination of abdominal floor crunches, decline sit ups, hip thrusts along with workouts like horizontal and chair leg raises are ideal. Two sets of each of these exercises on alternate days can keep your stomach muscles toned.

The workouts are done on alternate days with provision for rest days in between. You can also choose to perform light cardiovascular exercises such as jogging and walking for around thirty minutes on the rest days. Couple this weight loss program with a strict diet plan for restricting the calories and promoting faster weight loss.

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