Yoga For Kids

Yoga is an excellent exercise for kids as it not only improves the health of the kids but also ameliorates the spirit and mind. It increases the concentration and attention of the kids and helps them to build confidence and self-esteem.

Kids of any age with different physical abilities can participate in yoga. Children who practice yoga can maintain a good posture as well as balance of the body and may rarely suffer from constipation and acidity. This is because yoga helps to improve the digestion process and removes all the toxins from the body by improving the blood circulation.

Yoga For Kids

Sun salutation is a yogasana that helps to improve the physical capacity, stamina and strengthen the heart, if the exercise is practiced with proper mantra chanting. Sun salutation consists of ten different postures and breathing exercise and is the ideal way to burn calories and to lose weight. Initiate the exercise by standing straight on the yoga mat with feet kept together and hands joined together in front of the chest and inhale.

There after slowly exhale and bend at the waist and touch the ground with palms without bending the knees. Again inhale and keep the left leg a step back and with the toes touching the ground. Now slowly push the waist down with the face pointing upwards and stretching the chest forward and shoulders backwards.

The right leg should be in a folded posture with palm resting on the floor. Thereafter hold the breath and bring the left knee up and the right leg back towards and close to the left leg with the toes touching the floor. Hold the two legs straight with the neck straight and in line with the feet, thighs and spine.

Then slowly bend the hands at elbow level to touch the ground with the forehead and make sure to exhale while doing this. The knees, toes, chest, forehead and palms can touch the ground. As only eight parts of the body are touching the floor at this point this is called ashtangasana.

Now slowly inhale and straighten the hands and stretch the shoulders while pressing the waist downwards. Allow the knees and toes to touch the floor and hold the face upwards. Once again hold the breath and push the chin downwards by bending the neck to touch the throat and erect the waist up and push oneself backward to touch the floor with the heels.

Ensure that the palms are not moving. While holding the breath, take the left leg forward and place it in between the hands and allow the right toes and knee to touch the floor with the face pointing upwards same as that in position three.

Once again exhale and take the right leg towards the front and close to the left leg and keep the head downwards facing the floor as in position 2. Again inhale and get up to take the starting position.Yoga is excellent for those kids who are weak in their studies as it helps to improve the concentration and capacity to grasp things.


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