Yoga For Seniors

During old age people should take care of their body and health better than before and during this period they get more time for relaxation, recreation and exercising and they should make use of this for a healthy and better living. According to yoga principles our life in earth is controlled by water, fire and air.

Till the age of 16 years water rules the body and from 16 to 50 fire or metabolic elements rules the body and after 50 air dominates and take the control of the body. As age progress beyond 50 air dries out and most of the seniors may suffer from arthritis, high blood pressure, incontinence, rheumatism, constipation, headaches, insomnia etc and this increase the need for proper exercises to remain healthy and to keep the air flowing through the body.

But because of the age these people cannot do all types of exercises and yoga is one of the best exercises that seniors can practice as it can be well adapted to the individual abilities and needs.

Yoga helps to keep the body fit, relaxed, toned and prevents many emotional and health problems that occur during old age. The breathing exercises of yoga improves the blood circulation throughout the body, avoids the respiratory problems by cleansing the airways and make the joints works smoothly.

Certain poses of yoga are made especially for targeting particular health ailments such as blood pressure, nervous damage, heart ailments etc and hence seniors can practice them as per their needs. While practicing yoga people should stop or come out of the poses if and when they feel pain.

Kapalbhati is a breathing exercise and breathing exercises plays a major role in senior’s life as deep breathing helps to keep the body energized and energy flows through the mind and body. If the lungs do not open properly, less oxygen enters the body and reduces the mental health which may lead to diseases. Kapalbhathy also helps to cleanse the mucus in the air ways and blockages in the chest and makes the person less tensed.

Easy pose or Sukhasana is a meditative pose that demands people to sit straight on a yoga mat with their legs crossed and by placing the feet underneath the knees. Then clasp the hands around the knees by keeping the head and body straight. It helps to straighten the spine and opens the hips besides providing calmness and relieving the tiredness.

Besides these seniors can also practice cat pose or bidalasana, dog pose or adho mukha shvanasana, double leg raises, half spinal twist or ardha matsyendrasana, locust pose or salabhasana, wind relieving pose or pavanamuktasana and corpse pose or savasana.  Corpse pose is a relaxation yoga pose which is practiced before and after or between poses for relaxation.

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